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automatic powder coating meshing machine

  • automatic powder coating meshing machine

Products and applications

Quick Detail:
Automatic powder cycling and recovery system
With large square powder hopper 60*60cm
with 24 holes can hold with 24pcs powder injectors
suitable for large mass production in the automatic powder coating lines
Steel stainless Round Hopper design for maximum efficiency during fluidization process. Recovery Powder Hopper ,can be replacement original machine

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Introduction and Application of automatic powder coating meshing machine

COLO-3000-R automatic powder coating sieving machine- Used in powder coating area, to go with the Automatic reciprocator.
To recycling the powder lost in the process of electrostatic powder coating on metallic workpieces

Advantages and characteristics
1.The system is able to continuously sent the powder being dropped during the process of spraying to the upper part of the
butterfly powder screen and then the selected powder is sent to the centralized powder supply barrel which is in charge of
continuously supplying powder to automatic guns or manual guns
2.Easliy cleaning and color alteration , and good airproof property
3.High powder utilization rate

Automatic powder coating line, Automatic powder coating booth

Main Technical Parameters