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control powder painting Reciprocator

  • control powder painting Reciprocator

Products and applications

Quick Detail:
Electrically driven by a frequency control motor via PLC,
give gentle and precise motion, ensuring perfect coating result.
wheeled for easy moving and fix
slim column design allows for space saving arrangement of the guns.
Could store 20 programs
PLC touch control panel ,easy to operation
Smooth and accurate running
Solid and maintenance free
Height or the stroke adjustable and customized
Travel:1.5m(1.8m/2m/2.5m can be oredred)
Four automatic spray gun rods(qty of the rods can be ordered)
Colour can be ordered

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Introduction and Application of control powder painting Reciprocator

COLO-2200  PLC control powder painting Reciprocator
1.Power components using worm gear reducer, with the precision of the integration of the position sensor, so that the whole machine at a very high speed of the smooth operation of the full play.
The speed control part uses the Shenzhen sine frequency changer, uses the microprocessor control and the IGBT technology, causes it to have the reliability and the flexibility. Complete protection function provides the protection for the inverter itself and the motor.
2.The control part adopts the pioneer TG765 touch screen and XC2-14RPLC control xinje. Touch screen with a 16 million 770 thousand color - quality and delicate without marks, download, start, run, the trinity of ultra high speed response, the user can easily set through the touch key to spray the data. The controller has the spraying program selection, fault diagnosis, data set limit, remote control, and can save up to 20 spraying procedures.
3.The transmission part adopts linear slide driven synchronous belt wheel, linear slide rail fixed on the square bracket, driven by the gun under sliding. The linear slide rail made of special materials, with stable operation and no jitter, low noise, low wear rate, convenient installation.
A gun clip is made up of Aluminum Alloy material, has the advantages of light weight, stable operation and beautiful look.
4.Reciprocator lift travel speed from 0.08 M / s ~0.8 M / s is adjustable, the trip have 1.5 meters, 2 meters, 2.5 meters, special requirements can be customized

Automatic Powder coating line, Automatic Painting line,Automatic UV line etc.

Main Technical Parameters