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Manual Powder Coating Equipment

  • Manual Powder Coating Equipment

Products and applications

Intelligent powder coating machine
Proset Programma

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Introduction and Application of Manual Powder Coating Equipment

Perfect coating for kinds of workpieces
20 Preset programma more conveniente for the job.

Metal pieces, all series Steel pipe, Aluminum Profiles, wheels, chairs, tables, doors, railings, shutter doors, auto parts, bicycle accessories, etc.

Fields of Application
The CL-151S Powder Gun Control is designed exclusively for use with Colo manual powder guns, automatic powder guns. Use for any other purpose constitutes a misuse. Any damage caused by improper use is not the fault of the manufacturer;the user is solely responsible.
All settings for efficient powder coating are made simple and reproducable on the control unit.
Flow meters permit accurate setting of the optimum powder coating rate. In addition the
corona current, and corona voltage also can be checked on the LED display, even
from a distance.

Competitive Advantage:
Digital display
one-touch intelligent operation button

Main Technical Parameters