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Powder Painting Reciprocator

  • Powder Painting Reciprocator

Products and applications

Quick Detail:
Japan Mitsubishi Inverter
Digital intelligent model,80 storable programs
Wheel back and forth movements
Travel:1.5m(1.8m/2m/2.5m can be oredred)
Four automatic spray gun rods(qty of the rods can be ordered)
Colour can be ordered

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Introduction and Application of Powder Painting Reciprocator

Automatic Powder coating line, Automatic Painting line,Automatic UV line etc.

Completely powder coating machine pic:

1.5m Travel reciprocator

1.8m Travel reciprocator

2m Travel reciprocator

Reciprocator Spare parts:
1.COLO-2000D  Control unit
Display and input buttons

Main Technical Parameters